The Kruger National Park

One of my favourite places to visit is the “wildtuin”. There is something about driving around in nature that makes you realize that life is not just about you. It is such a magnificent display of creation. It helps clear your head.

The thing about driving around and searching for animals and birds is that you never know that you might find around the next corner. This is a photo that I took a while back when visiting the Kruger. It was one of those moments that me and my sister both though it is a lovely “klip” (that is Afrikaans for a stone). One look through the binoculars had excitement rushing through our veins. It was just our car and this majestic lion. It just lay there looking at us with the least amount of interest.

Mighty lion

A majestic lion taking a rest

The best part was when it stood up and started walking. It walked past my window and looked me straight in the eye. Staring straight into the face of danger, but feeling completely peaceful.

The thing is this lion made me think a lot about my Lord. He is the mighty Lion of Juda. Power and Might belong to Him. Sometimes we fear this lion, afraid of what He might do. I have come to realize that is at that moment when you stare the Mighty Lion straight in the eye when you are completely consumed by His love. It is then when fear becomes awe.

What are your thoughts?

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