Things I love to do

So I decided to change my blog a bit.

I’m adding things that I love to do. First on the list is DIY (do it yourself) stuff.

I find myself ever so often walking through the shops, thinking that I can make the stuff for less than I can buy it. The best part about making things yourself is that you feel like a fuller person. It’s difficult to explain, but when we create things and it is a success, you have something tangible to look at and feel you have accomplished something. Also God is constantly creating things. Creating and expanding the universe. Painting sunsets by mixing pallets of red, blue, yellow and purple. Everyday He creates something new inside of me.

I will be posting a few DIY projects that I have undertaken, as well as awesome projects that you can find on other websites.

Hope you will feel inspired to create something!


What are your thoughts?

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