To do: Make a little book

So all my friends decided to have their birthdays in the same month.

It’s a bitter-sweet feeling. On the one side, I get to dress up and attend parties. On the other side, I need to get everyone presents. So this, as you can imagine, can become quite expensive…

I had to come up with ideas on what to give everyone. I like making things, because I feel it’s more personal and you give away a little of yourself. So besides making a cute pouch (which I’ll blog about a bit later), I wanted to do something that didn’t take so much time.

Thanks to my friend Pinterest I was inspired to make a little book!

Voila! A really easy present, but handmade and beautiful!

I put together a mini-tutorial on making it.

Your supplies

You’ll need:

  • Paper (preferably a bit thicker than normal paper, but thinner than cardboard paper)
  • A pretty piece of paper for the cover
  • A pair of scissors
  • Rope

Putting it together

  1. Fold your paper in half to get the “book” look.
  2.  Make 3 holes where you want to bind it. I used the scissor for this, because I didn’t want to use a hole puncher. I wanted something more authentic. Please be careful though, I cut my finger using the scissors, but I liked the end result.
    [Tip: Make your middle hole a bit bigger, because you will be pulling the string through it twice.]
  3. After making your holes, take your rope, but don’t cut it yet. You can do that at the end.
    1. Start from the outside and pull the string through the middle hole.
    2. Going upwards, (you are now on the inside of the book), pull the string through the top hole.
    3. Now pull the string through the bottom hole (from the outside).
    4. Lastly complete the cycle by going through the middle hole again (from the inside). [Remember to make the middle hole a bit larger.]
  4. Now you can cut the string and make a knot.

Please visit the following site where I found out how to make this. There’s a detailed illustration on how to bind the book! It will help a lot! Basic sewing for a booklet.

Hope you enjoyed this! Have a lovely time bookmaking!


What are your thoughts?

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