Bloom little flower bloom

Bloom little flower bloom
by Nadia to Gisela on her 21st birthday

Bloom little flower bloom
before it’s too late,
but that in itself is a lie,
for it is never too late to bloom

Bloom little flower bloom
What have you got to lose?
Only the minor opinions of those you once knew.
Only the life of mediocrity.
Only the hopelessness of rainy days.

Instead you have it all to gain
The uplifting words of true friendships
The life of otherness
The hopefulness of sunrays

Bloom little flower bloom
While the time is right
While you are young
While you are still dreamer

And I pray that that is what you will always be, a dreamer

Bloom little flower bloom
Let your fragrance spread through the air
You don’t smell like the other flowers
No, instead you shine like a diamond
Yes, you are a transparent flower
that blinds the world with your glistening love

Bloom little flower bloom
While we’re still close
So that I may adore your beauty
For one day we will be apart,
and I will only hear of your sweetness
beholding it from a far

Bloom little flower bloom
Don’t be afraid, for your Maker is right beside you.

You’re my little flower,
and I’m loving the way you bloom.


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