a friend of the wind

a friend of the wind
by Nadia Krüger

Between the rising and the setting of the sun, something happened.
Or was it whilst I was sleeping? I cannot completely recall.
There was no certain evidence.
No solid proof that it happened, but it did, it does.

The life I live has slowly changed in an instant.
With little warning I had to learn to fly.
With my wings awkwardly flapping by my sides, my only reaction was to try not to die.

I then started flying, but I kept on flapping hysterically, not noticing that this was it.
With all the commotion I unnecessarily caused a muscle to strain.

Full of doubt, but with clear signs (that I was not yet dead),
I realised I could now fly.
It was easier than I thought,
and I need not worry about dying any longer.

I have become a friend of the wind, of heights.
There is no limits.
I am free


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