View from Table Mountain

I feel like we always wait for breakthrough. I wonder if we ever get it. Where does the term come from anyway?

I believe it is something we use to define an amazing moment in our lives, when God showed Himself faithful towards us.

God is faithful, and He will always be. Even if you fail to believe, He will still be faithful.

It’s kind of like a kid picking up a rock while playing and imagining that it’s a diamond. Even though he will believe with all his heart the rock is a diamond, his belief does not change the fact that the diamond is a very normal rock, and will forever be just that.

The fact that I have found God to be faithful, does not make Him less faithful throughout the “waiting” parts.

So the thing I actually want to get to… Is this breakthrough I’m waiting for, not actually here already?
Perhaps the breakthrough is not so much my realization of God’s faithfulness, as my trusting in His faithfulness is.

That despite me perceiving every moment to be extremely ordinary
and that I no longer get super excited doing the things I once dearly loved,
that there is nothing really bad or really good going on right now,
but that I am truly believing God to fulfill His promises,
perhaps the breakthrough lies not so much in me seeing fulfillment,
but a mist of all the nothingness, to still believe in an exceptional God.

The facts won’t change, but my attitude towards it can.


What are your thoughts?

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