Silver Moon

Silver Moon – taken by Gisela Kruger


When the night disperses darkness
your light shines ever more
no one can hide from it.

I, as well, was caught by it.

Days passed by
as I gazed upon your beauty.
My heart was filled with delight
as I drank deep in the beams of your light.
There could be no other reason
surely, you were shining,
only, for me.

By your coming and going
you drew seasons in and out,
no matter the change
I always sang underneath your gaze.

Mesmerized by your radiance,
enveloped in your brilliance,
it was as if you and I have become one.

I was caught up in a heaven of some sort,
I started to see more clearly.
And I wondered,
perhaps you were shining,
not only for me.


What are your thoughts?

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