Free Printable 2014 Calendar Round-up

In my search for a calendar for the new year (2014), I’ve found a few lovely bloggers who have made free printables especially for you.

Here’s my round-up
Click on the image to get the download.

Oh The Lovely Things

Free Printable 2014 Calendar

Design Is Yay!

"Year of Colour" Printable Calendar 2014

Eat Drink Chic

Free Printable "SWEET NEW YEAR" Calendar 2014

Love vs Design

2014 Calendar

Have fun planning your year!


To do: Take A Chance

Take At Least One

Life is too short.

We get comfortable. We don’t feel it necessary to change. If things work the way they are, why do we need to change that? The older we get, the less flexible we become, the less willing we are to take risks.

I have found that taking chances always deliver something good. We either get what we never had before, or we learn some really valuable lessons along the way. It forms you. Getting out of my comfort-zone has surprised me every time.

We are human, so we don’t like failing. The thing is, failing once, or twice, or a thousand times is not going to define you. It’s not the end of the world. You’re life didn’t stop. The sun will still rise tomorrow. The birds are still singing. You’re still breathing. The will to stand up again after a “failed attempt” is what will form you into a “seasoned” person (if I can put it that way).

Something about your character changes when you are willing to take chances.

Try something new. Be friendly to someone you don’t know. Go bungee-jumping of a cliff. Compete in that competition that you’ve been dreaming of. Whatever it is, just do it!

You’ll be surprised at everything you can do once you’ve tried it!
Believe in yourself.
Take a chance.

Download the free printable to encourage those around you to take chances.

To do: Mason Jar Ideas

Mason jars have gotten a whole different meaning. No longer do you only use it to store jam, but  it has now become an accessory that brightens up any dull space. The uses have multiplied.

Here are a few of my favourite ideas to easily redecorate your space using mason jars.

Mason Jars Ideas

  1. Make a mason jar light
    Personally, this one is my favourite. I used my old lamp that stood next to my bedside table and followed the instructions to make my own light. I love it! It looks stylish and chic and it took only a few minutes to make.
  2. Serve lemonade
    A great idea for any event, is to serve drinks in a mason jar. On arrival each guest receives a jar which they can use throughout the whole event. Make use of name tags so that guests can know which jar is their’s.
  3. Light a candle
    I saw the cutest tutorial on how to make a candle inside of a mason jar. It’s a lovely idea for a gift, to say “Thank you” or “I love you” to someone special.
  4. Smell a flower
    The easiest way to breathe new life into a space, is by adding flowers to it. Pick a few flowers from your garden, add water, and voila! You have yourself feeling like a new person.

Have fun experimenting with mason jar ideas!