a series of choices


Life consists out of a series of choices. It is made up of seconds, not years as we count it. Each moment, you have a choice to enjoy or despise the moment. You can never have it back. As you’re reading this, your life is continuing on. It’s not going to stop for you to take it in. You need to learn to take in each moment as it goes along.

Our moments are mostly dependant on our choices. You may find yourself in a certain place, at a certain time, because of a choice you have made.

Making decisions has not always been the easiest thing for me to do. I’m a black and white / right or wrong kind of person. This has led me to believe that each decision I make has consequences. It determines my future (moments) to an extent. Sometimes, the process of making a decision could be so overwhelming, that when the experience came along, I didn’t enjoy it to the full extent.

The past few years I have learnt a lot about making decisions. When faced with a decision, I determine which outcome will make my soul (my inmost being) happy, in the most sustainable way. That is usually the way I choose.

The other day, my mind wandered a bit, and I thought of how my life would have been if I had studied something different. I thought of the job I would have had. The friends I might have had. The places I could have seen. All the “might haves”, “would haves” and “could haves” were only imaginary. Life has a way of not turning out as you wish. Sometimes it gets pretty close, but it’s mostly unpredictable. Even if I chose things differently, I still wouldn’t have been where I’d imagine. I’d probably be standing there, dreaming of how things could be different.

All my dreams, aspirations and goals are only that: dreams, goals and aspirations. It will stay in a state of imagination, until I make a choice. Deciding to make a choice is also a choice 😉

In my journey so far, I have come to where I am, because of the choices I’ve made. Be it good or bad, it made me, me.

Everyday you and me have a choice in choosing wisely. Choosing to act out of love instead of hatred. Choosing to to find joy in the place you’re at. Choosing to change something.

Whatever you may choose, I hope and pray, that each moment (good or bad) may be lived to the full and dearly cherished. May you love richly and be richly loved.

a friend of the wind

a friend of the wind
by Nadia Krüger

Between the rising and the setting of the sun, something happened.
Or was it whilst I was sleeping? I cannot completely recall.
There was no certain evidence.
No solid proof that it happened, but it did, it does.

The life I live has slowly changed in an instant.
With little warning I had to learn to fly.
With my wings awkwardly flapping by my sides, my only reaction was to try not to die.

I then started flying, but I kept on flapping hysterically, not noticing that this was it.
With all the commotion I unnecessarily caused a muscle to strain.

Full of doubt, but with clear signs (that I was not yet dead),
I realised I could now fly.
It was easier than I thought,
and I need not worry about dying any longer.

I have become a friend of the wind, of heights.
There is no limits.
I am free